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Kitchens in Sheffield from Kitchens Connections in Dore. Designing your kitchen goes beyond colour schemes and finishes. We work alongside you to best understand how you will use the space, what your design needs to do in order to help the kitchen work around you and ensure that the layout makes the most of every inch of the space available. We consider every detail, potential problem and work to find brilliant solutions that will leave you with a kitchen that you love.


Building a home is more than putting a roof over your head. We understand that a kitchen should be built to last and that’s when our 20 years of experience are most important. Constructing a design is more than bolting together some flat pack furniture, it is building the heart of your home. Pulling together the elements of your imagination and creating something durable and beautiful for your family is what we do best. We install kitchens from as far away as Rotherham and Barsnley and supply kitchens in Sheffield.


Every detail is considered as we put the final pieces together in your new kitchen. From every appliance connected up to the finishing touches on every cabinet door, we give our installations the very best attention throughout the fitting process. We understand that delivering your new kitchen should be a gift-wrapped experience and are on hand to talk you through it from the first piece going in to clearing the last speck of dust away before we hand over any new kitchens in Sheffield, Dore or Chesterfield.


We were recommended to Wayne Rayworth as we required a new kitchen after moving into our new home. The kitchen is everything we wanted, the quality of workmanship, units and electrical equipment were first class. We would be delighted to recommend Wayne to any future customers.

Mr and Mrs Mann
Wadsley, Sheffield

Just wanted to say thank you Wayne for doing a fantastic job on the kitchen in our new home. You went above and beyond to make our perfect kitchen a reality. We couldn’t have done it without you!!! We will recommend you to all our friends and family. A big thank you again!!!

James and Amanda
Oughtibridge, Sheffield

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For our unique customers we offer the well-known Nobilia range. With a renowned reputation for their German build quality and over 60 years’ experience in the industry, we put our confidence in this brand. Choose from modern, high gloss or even traditional styles, all with the same clean lines and superb detailing.

Callerton kitchens are design-led and aspirational in style, second to none for their innovation and choice. After 35 years in the industry this brand offers confident and inspirational designs that will bring your kitchen to life. They excel at combining the best elements from kitchen design over the decades and utilising them to create cutting-edge modern looks for your home.

This award-winning brand is famous for choice, with over 50 classic and contemporary kitchen styles to choose from. If you are not certain of the style that encompasses everything you want in your kitchen, you are sure to find it here. Built for the real home, Second Nature really are just that.

For the individual, Biography offer modern designs that are entirely flexible to suit your style. No two kitchens are the same as the option to combine cabinet styles, layouts and different looks is entirely flexible, giving you the freedom to create something original for your home that inspires and reflects your personality. Biography make the perfect match for kitchens in Sheffield.